School Social analytics

Schools and Survey agencies alike can make use of our in-house Exhaustive and Unique Social Analytics tool that provide near real time and unbiased perception about the school. We also supply this key analytics data to newspaper and education websites for independent survey.

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School Consultancy/Audit

We provide consultancy to schools from a parent's perspective. We also help audit schools on key parameters (identified through parents feedback and review as part of our social analytics tool)

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School Survey

We expertise in School Surveys - desk and site Surveys based on a well defined and scientifically substantiated set of key parameters. We also assist key newspapers and education websites in carrying out school Surveys.


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Our motto

We believe every school is a garden to young sprouting minds that have ever evolving cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs. Ensuring that the child finds his or her best in a school is every parent's dream and we just intend to bring this dream to reality by helping upcoming schools plug the gaps to meet the demand.

Key takeaways for schools

  • We help school improve on SfI(scope for Improvement) areas to meet parent's expectation.
  • We help create necessary school visibility for new schools.

How are we unique?

  • Exhaustive and Unique Social analytics tool that provide near real time and unbiased perception about the school.

Reach us if interested

Interested in utilizing our services? We are just an email away. Write to us and we shall get back to you in 24 hours.